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Let's talk about the girl who left the island of sunshine, white sand beaches, basically life in paradise to study fashion in the city of love, Paris. So first let me take you on a little trip from beaches to metros as much as I love Paris it will never come close to my island home, Saint Lucia. 

But one must take some time and find the beauty in this new city you're going to call home for the moment, so I had to take some time to really see what Paris had to offer. Though it may not be anything like St Lucia, I can't ignore that Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with the most notable features, The Tour Eiffel, the tastiest french cheese, the vast collection of museums. There is always something to see on any day at any time. You can never see all of Paris in one day.

So what are some things that can help you with settling into your new city? 

1. Making friends is tough 

Let's not forget that we have a language barrier that we must acknowledge. Although everyone may say immerse yourself in the language, I just want to say it is easier said than done. Not everyone has the hyperpolyglot abilities, so don't pressure yourself about it; you will pick up the language eventually. Once you find that friend, everything changes.  

2. Find your favourite Café

The most Parisian thing to do is sit at a cafe and watch, please walk by. while enjoying conversation with a pal or just enjoying alone time with a beautiful cup of coffee.

I came across this café last summer called Passager, the weather was good. Still, the chemicals in my head were off-balanced, I needed to get out of the house, I did a quick search and came across a few options, I did another check via Instagram, I really liked what I saw, so I got dressed grabbed my computer, and off I went.
The staff were extremely welcoming; they face lit up every time someone walked in. The staff were accommodating in suggesting options, the food was excellent, the sitting arrangement was also comfortable. 

I found myself observing my surroundings and just watching how people there behaved, I also noticed that my French was kicking in as I could pick up on a few things that people nearby were talking about, how they pronounced words etc. So for me having that one place you can go, alone, or with a friend is a great way to find some form of peace and comfort in your new city, really worth having. Plus, you can take really instagramable photos there. So if you're ever in Paris or if you are in Paris right now, check out Passager. 

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3. Accepting that you will feel homesick

It very reasonable to feel homesick after moving to a new country; being in a new place with a language and cultural differences can instantly make you feel isolated; loneliness can really take over your mind. I have experienced these feelings many times, and what I can say is do not spend your time dwelling on it, instead create the routine of getting out and doing something new! Meet up with your new pals or just take a walk; you'd be amazed, starting something new like taking a language class or dance class or something to give you a chance to get your mind off feeling homesick. 
Cooking a meal that reminds me of home, it creates this comfort within me that always seems to do the trick.

4. Setting goals can be a good idea

Think of all the things you want to achieve. At the same time, you're there, no matter how small it may be, learning the language, making friends, becoming a cheese expert or taking up an oenology class, whatever it is, then taking the necessary action to achieve it.  

It also an excellent opportunity to learn something entirely out of what you're not used to, something you may have never been able to do back home, so I think this is a great way to grow as an individual. So do some research while you're chilling at that coffee shop. Who knows you might meet your next best friend or husband there, life is so full of surprises, and in the future, you can entertain them at your pad with your knowledge of wine you can select the right type of wine to set a great mood. 

Formation Oenologie à distance CFV Certificat Fondamentaux du Vin

5. Create a Comfort Space

No matter your location, your space should feel like your sanctuary of peace, comfort and belonging. Take some time to add some character to your new place, make it feel a little more like home by adding your own personal touch. 

Moving to a new city can be scary and lonesome, but it is also an excellent opportunity to discover a different version of you. You meet new people with so many different cultural backgrounds, which I think is a great thing. Use this unique moment to learn and grow and open your mind to how fantastic the world can be as well as opening your mind to different ways of living. It is not a simple process, but it is worth it. And don't be afraid to pick up the phone and call someone unique back home. Live and see the world don't live a life of comfort, go out and seek more of the world. You'll do great!!

Name: Mona Obomeghie

Age: 25

Home: Abuja, Nigeria

Why are you here in Paris?

I came to Paris for a Masters in Fashion Business and to make something of myself without my parent's help.

Describe life in  Nigeria with 4 words

Fun, Inspirational, Evolving and Future 

What was the biggest challenge when you first moved to Paris?

Not knowing a soul here and the language barrier.

Tell me something new you discovered about yourself since moving to Paris?

I actually really love my own company way more than I thought!

Give me 4 words to describe your life in Paris?

Transformative, Interesting, Stressful, Fancy!

What's your favourite colour (s)?

Black & Red

Favourite place/cafe/park in Paris


What advice would you give to young women, who want to move about 

Just do it!

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