Beauty: Quick Make-up Tutorial with Melanin Obsession

So I found myself doing something that is not very easy for me, I decided to clean out my collection of make-up, let's face it, we all have a few pieces of make-up that has been among us for decades, so taking some time to go through everything was very much needed! After discarding a few pieces here and there, I decided to take this opportunity to purchase a few knick-knacks to replace what I got rid of, as the saying goes " Out with the old and in with the new" So here I am, doing my makeup after do a small makeup haul. I hope you enjoy watching as I had a good time filming this!

I am on a budget,, so I picked up just a FEW things. I mean I can always slowly build up the collection as time goes by, so no need to go crazy at Sephora. It is import to replace your make-up, some pieces do not deserve to be owned after a year or 6 months, so for the benefit of your skin take some time and toss that 5-year-old lipstick out and treat yourself to some new goodies 😌. 

Enjoy my Quick Make-Up Tutorial! 

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