St. Lucia Should Be On Your Bucket List!

I have mentioned a few times in this blog about me being an island girl living in Paris, I am pretty sure you have asked, what island is she from, well on this side of #MelaninObsession, I am going to show you why my island home should be on your bucket list. 

I have not been home in a long time, one year to be exact, I had no trouble finding amazing photos and videos to show you guys how beautiful Saint Lucia is. Thanks to my talented Lucians, I was able to find some images to help make this post worth it. But before we go into the videos let me share with you a few places that I enjoy visiting when I'm home. 

1. Diamond Falls

This waterfall is one of the many beautiful waterfalls on the island, located in Soufriére. The water is infused with minerals from the volcano which also gives it, it's many golden shades.

2. Tet Paul Nature Trail

If you're into hiking, I would definitely recommend this nature trail, it only takes 45min to get to the top, blessing you with the most amazing views.

3. Sulphur Springs, located in Soufriere

This spot is the gateway to looking sixteen again, the sulphur springs baths are so therapeutic and good for the skin, getting in and masking your body with sulphur is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. This place is the one place I always look forward to visiting.

4. Errard Waterful 

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Video Captured by Loggo Lionel


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